About Riviera

The islands of Riviera are wild and mostly untamed. The land is divided by small rivers and lakes, offering great pathways for sailors, explorers and tradesfolk.

In the heart of land, connecting central islands is Rivia, capital city of Riviera and home to King Kazuto.

The mages guild has provided an aerial map with up-to-date reconnaisance for everyone. Check it out on the livemap

Getting started

Upon awaking you shall find yourself within the confounds of the capital city Rivia.

If you fancy a tour of the city, you shall find a few facilities to help start you off on your journey. You can visit the public mine, just across the north bridge along the path, then return to Rivia and head to the Public Smithy, complete with anvils, forges, a fountain, even a loom. Opposite of the portal, there's the Church, where all the White Light Gods are worshipped at their respective altars. Enjoy the scenery of the parks and know that most, if not all, of the fruiting trees may be found here. These trees may not be cut down, but one can harvest them for their fruits or sproutlings. Here in Rivia you can find the marketplace, an area for others just like you, to buy and sell their wares. One can even find the local shop keep, where affinity hearts (provides a random affinity), magical chests, and other items of great value can be bought. Stables and a Stable Master can be found in the south, from here you can have your livestock converted into tokens for easier transport and revert them to their physical form at your discretion.

By now you're probably ready to wind down and relax a bit. Here in Rivia, there's the Hotel, there's beds to sleep in and a bartender ready to serve some liquid relaxation.

If you like to take a gamble, you can use the portal in Rivia to travel to a random spot. Great care should be taken when accessing it, as your destination may not be safe. Fear not though, the Mages Guild has provided you with a spell allowing you to teleport back to the capital, in the event you wish to return.


Events often revolve around hunting legendary beasts, commonly called uniques. These raids can be organized and called upon by any player, or are officially announced on the Discord server.

There are also massive attack events, Rifts, Volcanic incursions and invasions. These events are usually announced a few weeks before they happen.

Events are always suitable for all players, new and old. You do not require highest gear and the best skills to participate.


The lands of Riviera can be dangerous and unpredictable. Those seeking for the ultimate treasure will feel right at home.

Throughout the years, mysteries and puzzles have been uncovered.

I have quite enjoyed talking to you, but now we shall part ways, until fate may reunite us again.