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The Forsaken Atoll

The Forsaken Atoll is a 7 Days to Die Gameserver with a vast 8192x8192 tile map.

It is run on our dedicated server hardware and had its first cycle begin on the 5th January 2024.

You can see the current map, rules and features/mods on The Forsaken Atoll Pages


Riviera is a Wurm Unlimited Gameserver with vast lands, ancient danger and ever evolving mysteries.

The server was first opened to public in late 2018 and later advertised on the Wurm Unlimited forums for the first time.

However before this, it was nothing but a singleplayer/co-op world to try the game and see how long the joy could last. After some weeks of playing on-and-off, we decided to host the world on a dedicated server to have time progress for crop-growth and some persistence.

Initially the world was on random spawns, there were no mods and the settings were mediocre defaults at best. Yet, some players would randomly join, not say a thing ever but just grab some land and play.

And that was the first time, we considered transforming the No-Mans-Land into a community and make it fully persistent.

Soon after the initial release, the great modding began. With tons of already existing mods available, the experience was greatly improved for everyone, while keeping a focus on preserving challenge and meaningful progress.

It took a week or two, before finally starting to write our own mods for the server and got to know it better. Since then, custom events, new items and functions, as well as mysteries have been added.

There is a lot in this one, and i am proud to have the support of so many amazing people over the years who stepped in as Community Assistants for new players and helping me out in organizing events.

You can find out more on the Riviera pages.


We used to run several Eco gameservers. They ran in cycles of four weeks, each server offset by one week in end-time. This was a huge success initially and players loved having a new session to play every weekend. This however turned out to fail in the long run.

As most players did not have a reason to stay on one server to play through the session and wanted to be part of the new-player-rush on the fresh world, olde worlds died out. Understandably.

The servers were paused in early 2022.

There are plans to reopen one server. However there is no set date on when that will happen.