About me

Hey there, you can call me Henry or Hendrik. I am a software engineer with over a decade experience in writing Java and C# codebases and managing SQL-based databases.

My fascination for programming has started with modding for games, dabbling around in Unity and making tools. The feeling to create something and then see it work is just mindblowing, to this day.

I like to create fictional worlds and alternate realities where dark and mysterious stories find place.

There will often be parallels to space and technology, as well as magic and legends. Let's see where this journey takes us.

Current projects

Recently started reworking the homepage, which is mostly what you see here today.

The homepage used to be rather bloated with leaderboards and forums, that will not come back. Leaderboards are not for everyone, and honestly, who uses forums in 2022 anyways.

Also working on a Trading overhaul for Riviera. This is aimed to give players opportunities for constant income and trade across timezones.

At it's core it will feature an auction house style system with base prices for items, so you can either just dump everything to an NPC or list it for players to buy.

Also checking out Eco here and there, the latest Version 9.6.3 seems really cool. Don't want to do too much at once, but a new Eco server might be coming next.

Contact me

The best and fastest way to contact me is via Discord at Henry#1337 or by joining the Discord server directly.