Legend Hero v1.0.9.1 released!

v1.0.9.1 :: 01.12.2016

Download : LegendHero v1.0.9.1
:Added new Background
:Added more parallax layers
:Added Blue Chest to Item Pool
:Added Green Chest to Item Pool
:Added Attack Potion Use and Drop Pool
:Added Defense Potion Use and Drop Pool
:Added Regeneration Potion Use and Drop Pool
:Changed background to scroll properly
:Changed Chest animations
:Changed Potions animations
:Fixed Item Image being tiny sometimes
:Fixed Skip Walk Text being TINY
:Fixed Scrolling through items
:Fixed Stats Menu Icon being TINY
:Fixed Stats Menu Text Size
:Fixed Stats Menu Unspent Points Text
:Fixed Legend Potion not useable in Item Menu
:Fixed Item Menu text size