Legend Hero v1.0.9 released!

v1.0.9 :: 01.12.2016

Download : LegendHero v1.0.9
:Added Skip Button after all enemies are defeated
:Added reward for entering castle manually
:Added Stat Points indicator
:Added Animations to all collectable items
:Added Toggle Button to switch between items
:Added Item System
:Added Coin Chest (Blue Chest)
:Added Green Chest ( ? )
:Added Atk Buff Potion
:Added Def Buff Potion
:Added Regeneration Potion
:Added Stat Point system on level up
:Changed Stat Point values
:Changed Skybox to be down a bit
:Changed Grass to high poly one
:Changed Controls to be better visible
:Changed Info Fonts to be better visible on background
:Changed Def calculation to be persistent and allow awesome tank builds
:Changed Get Coin to be clickable in Shop
:Changed Jump Button position
:Increased overall difficulty (especially special mobs)
:Blue World eater fix
:Improved saving procedure
:Adjusted camera position
:Attempt fix for hit text being mirrored
:Removed tutorial