Legend Hero v1.0.6 released!

v1.0.6 :: 26.11.2016

Download : Legend Hero v1.0.6
:Added Ingame Menu
:Added Pause Function
:Added Damage Hit Display
:Added Critical Chance
:Added Critical Damage Multiplier
:Added Legend Potions (activate in Shop)
:Added Legend Duration (Potions will run out after 3 waves)
:Added Legendary Particles
:Added Reset Option
:Added Challenger Mode
:Added more Background Trees
:Added App Icon
:Changed Button UI for Auto Mode
:Changed Health Bars
:Changed Tutorial to include Jump
:Changed Tutorial Color to be better visible
:Increased Enemy Spawn Rate
:Increased Enemy Attack Radius
:Increased Enemy Movement Speed
:Increased Shiny HP and ATK
:Increased Boss Encounter Chance from 0.0004% to to 0.001%
:Reduced AutoMove distance to Castle when there’s enemies left